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ATELIER RUZICA is a Canadian based womenswear label created by Mariana Mustapicdedicated to conceptual and seasonless pieces.


The identity of the label was built on the foundation of color intuition and individualism. All designs follow a minimalist direction with a sense of ease and elegance.

Designing FOR THE

Going on a personal 3 - year long hiatus, I was given time to reflect and resume the values I carried for design, the environment, and how much they influenced me as a designer. I was able to reconcile with my devotion to authenticity put into designing my own garments.


My design mission remains. To create timeless looks while remaining true to my ethical composition values by focusing on the creation of one of a kind garment rather than designing for the mass-produced fashion market; simplistic and romantic, personalized and not commercialized, ethically and locally produced.


My respect for the creative process behind making one-off pieces is a passion that has led me to turn my focuses on designing custom bridal dresses. I am thrilled at this new opportunity to place my concentration into working on multiple projects that hold very personalized meaning and value to the client.


I am happy to announce that I am now booking appointments for custom bridal gowns to celebrate new and memorable chapters in life.

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